Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal Placement Form (current members only)

We require a new a renewal form each year.  To help our Governance Committee fill our many club positions and service placements, we require current members to complete this form each January without payment of dues.  You will be asked to submit payment of dues in May/June (deadline June 30th ) of each year.

LEARN WHAT’S NEW BEFORE YOU FILL OUT YOUR FORM Are you interested in participating in something new? Our club is always changing.  Download the placement descriptions and learn what is new within our club and how another OR different placements can expand your experience and make more friends!  

 (CLICK HERE) for a placement description list.

Membership Background Form. Do We Have Yours?

Membership Background Form – Do We Have Yours?

All members are required to submit this background form, just once.  This form helps provide our Governance Committee valuable information about our members interests, skills, and past experience. Information gathered from this form will automatically creates a data-base for our club that is for Governance Committee & Board use only and not shared.  Please complete this easy one-time online form now if you have not done so to date. Thank you for your co-operation.

Click here to complete the Background Form

Membership Placement Form (Due January 15th Each Year)

Online Membership Placement Form – Click here to fill out your form immediately. It’s quick and easy & no payment required on this form.
Print Version Membership Placement Form – Click here to download a print version.

Membership Dues Payment Forms (Due June 30th – Every Year)

Online Membership Dues Payment Form – Please fill out the form below –  No need for a Pay Pal account.
Print Version Membership  Dues Payment Form – Click here to download print version of this form.