Our January 29, 2018 General Meeting brought our members out on a snowy day to listen to guest speaker Mr.Gary O’Neill, Executive Director of Kerr St. Mission.  We learned of all the great work that Kerr St. Mission is doing and how our financial support of their Homework Club has been successful. Gary also told us inspiring stories which confirmed that KSM is an essential part of our community.

Gary O’Neill of Kerr St. Mission and Donna S., our Vice President and Grants Committee Chair.

We were very happy to announce $8400.00 in profits for our Wrap it Up! fundraiser held at Oakville Place, Dec. 8 to 24th.   We thanked our Wrap it Up! Co-Chairs,  Jane H, Jane O, Carol B. and Judi E. (not present) for their efforts and their dedication in making sure every shift was filled, right to and including Christmas Eve.

We have been wrapping presents at Oakville Place for the past four years now, gaining regular customers who are all very happy and thankful for this service!   Thank you to all our member volunteers for their shifts and their talents in wrapping some beautiful & challenging gifts!  We also took time to recognize the Milne family for their incredible support of this event.  Each year, the mother and her children have been volunteering to wrap gifts for numerous shifts. We are very fortunate to have these friends of May Court.

The Wrap it Up! fundraiser is only possible because of Oakville Place.  We thanked Nicole Young and Heather Dickson of Oakville Place for the opportunity and for providing all the materials and the space to wrap. This generous support allows for higher profits which benefits the community. Thank you Oakville Place!


Heather Dickson of Oakville Place and Carol B.
Carol B., Nicole Young of Oakville Place, Jane O., and Jane H.
Sharon Milne with Jane O and. Jane H.
Our Wrap it Up! Committee & Friends! Carol B., Heather Dickson (Oakville Place), Jane H., Nicole Young (Oakville Place), Sharon Milne (Friend of May Court) Jane O.
Audrey A. (Mentorship Co-ordinator) welcoming New May Court Members!