Where We Give

An expression of gratitude from wellspring

Attached is a video message from two of our Wellspring members, conveying our most sincere appreciation for the impact Wellspring and your donations have had on their lives:

As an organization that relies solely on the generosity of others to sustain our operations and provide the emotional, physical, and practical care so critically needed by those living with cancer and their loved ones, there are not enough ways to express our sincere gratitude to you.

We are most appreciative of May Court Club and your extended community for all you do to bring hope to so many.

Here’s a snap shot of where we have given over the years!


Some testimonials:
Lighthouse for Grieving Children:

“The Lighthouse for Grieving Children is grateful and proud to have received repeated financial support from The May Court Club of Oakville over the past years. Your investment in our local community gives hope and encouragement to many local families who are coming to terms with the loss of one of theirs. Your investment as a lead sponsor also allows us to look ahead at the future when our organization will be bigger, stronger, and able to make a difference in even more lives. Thank you for your care, your concern, and your investment in the lives of local children, teens and their families”. Kindly, Britta Martini-Miles, Executive Director, The Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children.

Wellspring Birmingham Gilgan House (Halton Peel)

Read about Wellspring honouring The May Court Club of Oakville – excerpt: “…….The May Court Club of Oakville has donated a significant amount of money, and the amount will total in excess of $150,000. Liz Thomson and Dede Hacking, both long-time May Court members, have successfully been scheduling May Court volunteers for the past 12 years in support of Wellspring’s good works. The May Court Club of Oakville is a service club; and its members have been volunteering countless hours in support to the Wellspring programs since the year 2000….”